Building a Psychologically Healthy Business Environment Upon Staff Return

With so much change and uncertainty looming in the air it is a common misconception to assume that each individual will react to this new reality in the same way. We’re all humans, and our emotions differ, therefore appropriate efforts need to be made to ensure that the workforce returns to a safe environment where all appropriate measures have been accounted for and the staff is well informed.


Management tips for safe employee return:


  • Ensure workers receive both verbal and written guidelines for their safe return. Cross-check that they do not have any concerns and are well updated on what the new norm entails.


  • Appoint a coordinator for all corona-related matters. The role of this person will be to check in on all staff members and act as the go-to person for any queries in respect to COVID-19.

  • Introduce flexible sick leave and support policies as you do not want employees to disguise any symptoms with the fear that they might lose their job if they expose them.







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