The Discipline of Aesthetics



The intent of this initiative is to stress the importance of the health and safety measures and regulations that should be followed by staff and customers, as a means of adapting to the new normal of the post COVID era. 

The SANITIZED PROTOCOLS initiative operates under agreed guidelines across an array of high-profile plastic surgeons in Europe as a form of management of the coming days, weeks and months following COVID-19. The spotlight is on the precautions that are taken in aesthetic clinics and the protocols followed that are adapted to secure a safe return of the staff and customers to their habits, by reassuring them that visiting the clinic is risk-free. 

The scope of this initiative is to be used as a guideline. It does not mean that a clinic or doctor should follow all of the recommended measures and of course, priority number one is to follow guidelines from the local Medical Council. In cases though where such guidelines are limited, we highly recommend that you use the proceeding points as a template.




By expressing interest in partaking in the SANITIZED PROTOCOLS, you will receive rights of logo usage and become a member of our initiative.

Members of the SANITIZED PROTOCOLS initiative