Juggling the Aftermath of COVID-19

With uncertainty looming in the air we cannot assume that everyone feels, acts and reacts in the same way to what is happening to the world at the moment.


As such, businesses and management in particular need to take the following points into account in order to achieve smoother running of their operations:


  • Identifying a coordinator: Pick the most appropriate and trustworthy individual to become the workplace coordinator and the covid-19 representative. This person will be the go-to individual for all covid-19 related matters as well as the individual responsible to check in on the staff and how they are dealing with the current pandemic.


  • Introduce flexible sick leave: Update your policies and practices to allow for sick leave under different terms so that employees don’t disguise an issue due to fear of it accounting as sick leave,


  • Come up with a plan B for multiple sick leaves: Devise an alternative solution to prevent any future problems that may arise as a result of multiple sick leaves during the same period.







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