Tips to Reassure Customers of a Safe New Reality

The current pandemic has brought about an array of lifestyle changes in the workforce, social life and at home. As a result people are left feeling insecure and uneasy about what lies ahead.


Companies need to understand that their clients are in need of understanding, compassion and reassurance during these difficult times. They are looking for clarity, particularly to unanswered question, from companies that they trust and rely on. The best way to weather the storm and calm down all the anxiety built up, is to constantly communicate with them and keep them informed.


The key practices that all businesses should adopt are empathy and support. The tone of voice used across all media and in person should be relatable and concise so as to ensure a complete understanding of all the information being communicated.


Actionable information should be shared across all media and within your business to constantly remind customers of all the measures being taken.


Furthermore, support should also be show by promoting temporary offerings or extension of deadlines and pricing policies so as to show your understanding of the difficulty we are all facing across the board.


The businesses that will actually succeed during these challenging times are not those that focus on sales, but those that focus on customer support.





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